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I drink. A lot.

I turned 26 last Friday. I don't remember it.

We went to four bars. I remember going to two, but marc17 has photographic evidence of the others.

I woke up in my living room the next day, covered in purple paint. My pants and hoodie were all shredded, my knees and elbows had scabs on them, and my right ring and middle fingers were bruised and swollen, and I have no idea how any of it happened.

It's great to tell the ER staff "I don't know how this happened;" they give the strangest looks, yet I'm sure I'm not the first to give them that story.

From what I hear, I punched a friend in the neck (twice), punched another friend in the stomach, poured a bottle of water on some random stranger's head, and stole another stranger's hat. I hear I also spit on two of my friends and then on a bum on the way home. I've been told I had a good time, but I really wouldn't know. :)

Best of all - I woke up without a hangover.
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You sound like a jock asshole to me.
I guess after a ridiculous amount of liquor I get that way. *shrug* I dunno.
I see that Scott and Ehric were there, that explains a hell of a lot. :P

I think they bought me more drinks than everyone else combined.
I am so not surprised. :D
Neither am I.