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ATTN: Seattle Ladies!

So I'm going to be in a dear friends wedding in Boston on the 18th, and am surprisingly pleased with my dress. Certainly not anything I'd wear out for cocktails (floor length, strapless, pale green chiffon, etc.), but certainly pretty.
I was lamenting the one-time use of bridesmaids dresses, considering their priciness, to the incomparable Nikki Rae, and an idea was developed:

Revenge of the Bridesmaids! A night where you get to bust out that stupid bridesmaid dress that set you back almost $200 (prom dresses are also acceptable), and go get blind drunk with a bunch of other dolled up girls at several bars in the Downtown Seattle/Capitol Hill area.

I'm checking if there is an interest level in such an event - are you interested? Do you have friends or co-workers, or sisters who may be? I'd like this to be a true assault of tiaras, tulle, elbow-length gloves, and clutch purses - and the more the merrier.

Please comment here, please spread the word, and please drag out that dress (or get your sweet ass over to Value Village to scoop one up for $13.50) and join Nikki and I!
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